Every day of this experiment will consist of two blocks. In the morning block of activities we will be forming a bond with the horses. We will learn how to ride and how to prepare for this but also how to care for those God’s creations. We will be surrounded not only by the horses but also by a beautiful nature so you can expect to spend many hours in the forest or meadow looking at the beauty that God has created.

The second block of activities will be mainly related to the afternoons. We will get to know the local culture related to history and art. We want to visit some interesting places in the surrounding area. There will also be some spiritual elements such as Magis circles or the Ignatian Examination of Conscience. The whole experience will take place in the south of Poland in the beautiful village Dąbrówka Łubniańska. In this peaceful and charming place we can hide from the world and cuddle up with the beauty of horses and nature which is given to us by our beloved Father in Heaven.

What you need to know:
– You do not need any riding experience

What you should take with you:
– Comfortable clothes for riding and different tasks
– Sports shoes
– Sleeping bag and pillow

arts and culture

12 participants
3 organisers

Dąbrówka Łubniańska
near Opole