Join the JRS Poland team in Nowy Sącz to serve refugees from Ukraine.

This summer Jesuit Refugee Service Poland in Nowy Sącz invites you to join in our mission of integration and accompaniment of refugees. We have chosen education as a means of integration, with that aim we are organizing 4-day English-based activities for Ukrainian and Polish school students.
You will act as a group leader teaching children creative activities and helping them learn English in this process. By cooperating with children, you will offer them a chance to develop their interpersonal skills and motivate them to develop English competence. Considering drawbacks of online studying that Ukrainian students experience due to the war, lack of communication with peers, and need for integrating into society they are now part of, your work will meet their psychological and educational needs.
Your daily service will take up to 6 hours, after it there will be an opportunity to go sightseeing.

Looking forward to seeing you in our team!

arts and culture

8 participants
4 organisers

Nowy Sącz