We will spend several days in the northern part of Poland in the city of Gdynia on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Our goal will be to volunteer at the children’s hospice named «Bursztynowa przystań». We will assist nurses in various daily activities, such as bathing children, feeding, taking walks, and simply being with the children. It won’t be easy. In some sense, the goal of the experiment is to try to push the boundaries of our own sensitivity and patience, and for many, this may be their first experience encountering illness, pain, and death. I expect that each of you who chooses this experiment understands this. There won’t be many of us in this experiment, so everyone will have the opportunity to experience this unique feeling of being accompanied by and spending time with children who are in great need of our attention. We will live in the Jesuit’s house, 30 minutes away by public transport from the experiment site. Each day, we will spend approximately 4-5 hours in the hospice, and for the rest of the time, we have a prepared program with integration, prayer, the opportunity to share what one is experiencing, and spending a lot of time in nature.


8 participants
4 organisers