Our spiritual-artistic experiment combines a bibliodrama workshop with watching, reflecting and discussing selected episodes of The Chosen, the first multi-season series about the life of Jesus.

Bibliodrama workshop is an encounter with a biblical text read as a group and an attempt to find a specific context for it in your own life. Through movement, space, stage play and other means of artistic and aesthetic expression, we will be able to relate the biblical text to our own lives. The workshop will help you to broaden your perspective on your own story, change your point of view, bring it up to date and adapt the meaning of biblical stories to the demands of real life situations.

We will deepen our bibliodrama experience by watching selected episodes of The Chosen. This series shows the Gospel through the eyes of Jesus and his disciples. Through specific introduction to the episode’s theme and attention to particular passages, we will be able to take a fuller look at the richness of what the Bible brings to us, reflect on it and share our reflections with others.

Join us for a unique encounter with God, yourself and others through various artistic forms of expression.

arts and culture

14 participants
4 organisers