Saint Ignatius, before his leg was shattered, loved reading chivalric romances. However, after the events in Pamplona, he was moved by reading about the saints, so much so that he became the founder of the Jesuit order.
Even though he abandoned the knightly life, the knightly nobility remained in his actions. But he wasn’t the only one.
There are many strongholds in Poland. Legends, tales, kings, knights and saints are associated with them. We would like to invite you on a pilgrimage where you will learn legends and stories about kings, knights and saints, all through the prism of the history of Saint Ignatius.

On average we will walk 15 km a day.
We will start our route in Krakow and end it, also in Krakow.

If you like trips, sleeping in a tent and enjoying nature, and above all, you value interesting stories, we invite you to the trail.

Items to be taken by participants:
sleeping pad (If you don’t have it, we can provide it)
sleeping bag up to 10 degrees of thermal comfort (If you don’t have it, we can provide it)
a backpack with a (rainproof) cover in which you can pack all your things and walk comfortably
everyday clothes and hygiene supplies
sunscreen, summer hat, sunglasses
cutlery, cup, plate/bowl, water bottle (plastic/metal)
comfortable shoes

link to the route:
1 stage 
2 stage 
3 stage

arts and culture

10 participants
+ organisers