We have great pleasure to present you our experiment in which trust plays an extremely important role. Trusting yourself, the other person and above all, trusting God. We invite you on a hitchhiking trip through the most beautiful regions of Poland. 

It will start from the very north of the country, in the charming city of Gdansk. Then we will head towards the beautiful lakes of Masuria and the central part of Poland. We will end the journey in the south, where we can admire the mountains. From there, the roads will lead us to Krakow for the central celebrations. 

The route will include both larger cities and smaller towns. Each day will end in a previously chosen place, where we will have the opportunity to relax a bit, get to know each other better and complete the spiritual program. We believe that the daily practice of prayer empowers us to be more attentive to His presence along the way.

We will travel in pairs. However, the road companion will change each day to make the journey even more interesting! Daily route is supposed to be around 150 – 200 km. We will take care of the accommodation and food. 

As saint Ignatius teaches us – God speaks to us through what we see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. We would like to encourage you to experience God’s presence in every single moment of our fantastic journey.


7 participants
4 organisers