The MAGIS TAIZÉ experiment is one of the MAGIS EUROPE 2024 experiments. It is connected with prayers, music, and songs from Taizé, as well as some other liturgical music. The program will include meditations, reflection on biblical texts, and a space for quiet time, relaxation, and sports. We will learn songs from Taizé with solos, as well as other liturgical and classical music. The experiment will be guided by several professional musicians. We invite you to seek and find God in nature, music, sung prayer, and community life.

Requirements: A positive attitude towards songs from Taizé, silence, and prayer. A good ear for music. Basic experience with singing.

Place of the experiment: The MAGIS TAIZÉ experiment will take place at the Jesuit cottages in Trlenska dolina, near Ružomberok, nestled in the beautiful countryside of Veľká Fatra National Park, within walking distance of Vlkolínec protected by UNESCO.

Watch the invitation video, the videos advertising the place (first, second, third), the photo gallery, and chech this link for more info.


arts and culture

18 participants
+ organisers

Trlenska dolina,
near RuĹľomberok