“Spiritual ascents: burning calves and melting snow” is a pilgrimage experiment that will be held in Wrocław and in Kłodzko Valley. It’ll be not only a walking tour, but also a spiritual journey to melt down our inner snow and ice! During the experiment, we will traverse mountains trails encountering ourselves, other people and God.

The experiment will start in Wrocław. After the gathering, we’ll go together to Kłodzko Valley to spend three days in Śnieżnik (“Snowy”) Mountains. It’ll be a demanding trip (average daily distance 15km, hopefully without loads of snow), but extremely rewarding! Although we won’t sled, we will walk peacefully without rushing; admire the beautiful nature, night sky or sunrises; sleep in mountain shelters as a united community. It’ll be also an opportunity to experience being on the way. During our trip we’ll visit some unexpected snowy places to meet the Blessed Virgin Mary and follow the way of Saint James the Great. At the end, we’ll come back to Wrocław to discover the city and mountain trails in its immediate vicinity.

As we will walk a lot, you need to take comfortable hiking shoes, a hat to protect you from the sun, and a backpack to carry the most necessary belongings. A sleeping bag and a mattress may be needed for the stay in Wrocław.

If you feel called to take the mountain path, join us in July. Who knows? Maybe new friends will help you to build a snowman in the middle of summer!


13 participants
5 organisers