Dear fellow Magis-Adventurers,

Are you ready to embark on a unique pilgrimage experience like no other? Join that Magis Experiment, if You like to journey through the picturesque rivers of Piława and Ruszyca in the Greater Poland Voivodeship. Our first come together in Piła – a charming city with origins dating back to an old fishing village – changes quickly into an experience of pilgrimage along the natural habitat of the region.

Following in the footsteps of pilgrims from a student community, who embarked on this route with later John Paul II in 1961 – we will kayak through green areas, parks, lakes, and forests, immersing ourselves in the rich ecosystem and natural environment of this region. The purity of the water and passing through landscape reserves will add to the charm and mystery of our adventure.

Experience the life of a pilgrim as we embrace a backpacker lifestyle, learn to trust our companions, navigate the currents, and find balance in our surroundings. Let us come together to appreciate the beauty of creation and build meaningful relationships along the way.

What You should take with you:
– Sleeping bags and foam mattresses
– Comfortable clothes
– Motivated spirit while paddling (ca. 6 hours daily), serving each other and enjoy the here and now.

Join on this pilgrimage of a lifetime, where our journey becomes our live pilgrimage.

arts and culture

14 participants
3 organisers