What is the MAGIS Europe programme?

MAGIS is an international meeting organized by the Society of Jesus for young adults (18-35 years) living Ignatian spirituality. World edition of the event is a ten-day programme that precedes World Youth Day. Europe edition lasts for eight days and takes place every year in the years between the world editions. MAGIS Europe 2024 will run from 20 to 27 July.

What are the experiments?

The programme will begin with experiments in about twenty places in Poland and abroad from 20 to 25 July. Experiments is another word for the trials that Jesuits undergo in order to mature in their vocation. In a similar way, participants in the programme will be able to test themselves in seeking and finding God by engaging in concrete action. The experimental proposals are divided into five categories: pilgrimage, spirituality, social activities, culture and art, and ecology.

Why would I want to come to MAGIS Europe 2024?

Taking part in MAGIS Europe 2024 can help you to:

  • deepen your personal relationship with Jesus¬†
  • stop and get to know yourself better
  • meet new people from your own country and from abroad who live and grow in a similar spirituality and sensitivity
  • experience the beauty of the universal Church
  • grow in faith and maturity to take responsibility for the future of the Church and the world
  • get to know even better the depth and richness of Ignatian spirituality in theory and practice

When will MAGIS Europe 2024 take place?

MAGIS Europe 2024 will take place from 20 to 27 July 2024. It has two parts:
– 20-25 July – experiments
– 25-27 July – MAGIS Festival in Cracow

Is it possible to take part in only part of the MAGIS Europe 2024 programme?

Unfortunately no. Everyone participating in MAGIS Europe 2024 is invited to take part in the whole event, which has two complementary parts: the experiments and the MAGIS festival.

Who can take part?

Young people from 18 to 35 years of age, connected to Ignatian spirituality.

How can I register?

Registration for MAGIS Europe 2024 will open on 1 April 2024 at magis2024.eu.

Can I choose an experiment I want to participate in by myself?

Yes and no. 

When filling in the form at registration, we will ask you to choose the three experiments you would most like to take part in. As far as possible and places are available, we will try to give you the opportunity to participate in one of them. 

This will be decided by the order of registration. 

Please take an attitude of openness and freedom and accept the invitation to the experiment that will be assigned to you.

When will I find out which experiment I'm attending?

We will send out information about the experiments in mid-June 2024.

What will the accommodation and meals be like? Is there the possibility of a special diet?

Accommodation and food during the experiments will depend on which experiment you are on. Before you arrive, you will be able to contact the leader of your experiment to clarify your concerns and needs. If you need a special diet, please write to us about it in the form when you register. 

During the festival in Krakow, participants will be accommodated at the school and catering will be available with food to accommodate various special diets.

What should I pack?

Every participant needs to bring a sleeping bag and a mattress. 

It is a good idea to pack a notebook and something to write with, personal belongings, including medication if you are taking it on a regular basis, Holy Bible. You can bring something that represents your country and that you can share with the other participants of your experiment.

Take warm clothes with you Рevenings can be cool. Remember to have clothes that will be appropriate in the church. 

If you can play an instrument, it is a good idea to bring it with you. 

In addition to this, the leader of the experiment you will be taking part in will send you a list of things you will need.

What will the daily schedule at MAGIS Europe 2024 look like?

The MAGIS Europe programme has two parts: the MAGIS experiments and the Festival. Each day will include:

  • morning prayer
  • two modules of workshops/activities: in the morning and in the afternoon¬†
  • Eucharist¬†
  • Ignatian Examen
  • MAGIS circles

What are the MAGIS Circles?

The MAGIS circles is sharing time in small groups to deepen the experience and to enter more deeply and deeply into a relationship with God, with oneself and with another person.
They consist of four elements, the so-called sharing circles:

  • First: How was your day? What particularly moved you? What was easy and beautiful, and what was difficult and painful?¬†
  • Second: How did you experience God’s presence today? Where has God touched you? How did you experience direct encounters with Jesus: at morning prayer and at the Eucharist?¬†
  • Third: What has moved you in the words of others?¬†
  • Fourth: What one word/sentence can you sum up this day/sharing?¬†

What is the cost of participation?

The cost of participation in MAGIS Europe 2024 will be announced in spring 2024.

How can I contact the people responsible for MAGIS Europe 2024?

If you have a question or concern, please send an email to: [email protected]

What will be the language of MAGIS Europe 2024?

The official language of MAGIS Europe 2024 is English, so that would be helpful to know at least a communicative level of English in order to get the most out of and from this time.

Why do I need a reference from a Jesuit during registration?

The MAGIS Europe programme is designed for young people who have the desire to seek more, deeper and stronger God in their presence and want to live fully for Him and with Him. The structure of the programme is based on the experience and guidance left to us by Saint Ignatius Loyola, so knowledge of and sensitivity to Ignatian spirituality is important. 

When completing the application form, we will ask you to provide the name and email address of a Jesuit who can confirm that participating in MAGIS Europe 2024 is right for you and that not only you will benefit from this time, but also the people who will be there with you. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at: [email protected]